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Letters to the editor, January 7

Save our nation

The election for our future in 2008 was an exciting period during America’s plans to elect a president to serve four years and continue with our means of freedom. A little less than half our citizens voted and lost, but it was felt that they would recover in 2012 and save our nation.

This group felt that it would win in 2012 and clean up this massive debt and the welfare give-away programs and still save our nation.

The portion of the non-working class, receiving massive welfare, non-work donations, food stamps and of all things, free cellphones, elected to vote against saving our nation and voted to continue with their free donations without working.

2012 created another loss and the country now faces a future of no work, no attempt for a budget, massive spending, demands for more spending far above our capability, with the leaders spending more than any past president ever performed.

The government for the next four years is destructive and not planning to create a means to save our nation. We face four years with a chance to clean up and plan ahead. A president is needed who wants to save our nation, not drag it down to the lower levels of the weak nations of our world.

Happy new year.

Ray Roberts,




Earth exploitation

Mankind has been exploiting the resources of the Earth for at least 300 years, beginning around the time of the industrial revolution.

He has been clever in building infrastructure and transportation, but the Earth has been paying the price. Some resources are reaching the point of exhaustion, and it is at just that point that he has discovered the process of fracking. It is a very clever process; unfortunately, there is a very real concern about its effect on our water supply.

The Earth’s water supply is finite, and life cannot be sustained without it. We can do without gas.

It is selfish and irresponsible to fall back on the claim that there is a hundred years’ supply of natural gas in shale formations.

A hundred years is an eyeblink in the history of the Earth; it has been circling the sun for billions of years, and there is no current reason to think that it won’t continue to do so for another four billion.

It is not worth the price of a hundred years of irreplaceable water for a questionable gas supply.

No savior is going to come down in a cloud and save mankind from his stupidity; that just isn’t going to happen.

If we ruin the earth, we don’t have any other place to go.

T. Jervis Underwood,

Oak Point



Worries about future

G.U.N.S. — Government Under-Protect Neighbors Safety. We do not need to give out a gun in school, we must continue to encourage the young. What about beating our swords into plowshares; neither shall we learn war anymore.

There are some people whose lives are ruled by anxiety, worry and fear. Our children are concerned about themselves and other children.

They are wondering if there is a future for them, for their country, or even the world. They have the worries of violence, crime, death, civil unrest, terrorism and political and economic instability. People just don’t have love in their hearts for the vulnerable and usurp authority over them.

When will the madness end?

Charlye Heggins,




End here

Guys, I figured it out.

The world really has ended.

It just hasn’t gotten this far north yet.

Jim Stodola,