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Letters to the editor, January 11

Are we willing to pay?

A bit of time has passed and predictably the public discussion in regard to how to lessen gun violence has diminished.

Reducing violence of all types is a complicated problem and there is probably not just one solution.

Improved mental health service is one of the areas under discussion. However, this has centered on what to do with those already experiencing various mental/emotional illnesses.

Not much mention has been paid to preventive and educational mental health services designed to provide early intervention and early referral.

Our school systems already offer basic counseling and guidance services to young people in kindergarten through 12th grade. If we are willing to pay the cost, hiring more counselors to work in schools is one positive step.

Counseling programs designed to reduce bullying, improve communication and problem-solving skills, build stress reduction processes, improve relationship skills and many others are already in place.

All that is required is to have professional counseling staff in place to provide these services.

The challenge centers on “Are we willing to pay the price?”

John Hipple,