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Letters to the editor, January 12

Regrettable choice

Bubba called. Said the low-information voters in southern Denton County made the decision to vote in a new sheriff and vote out the best sheriff Denton County has had in decades.

Those low-information voters voted for a name and failed to note there was no record of accomplishment to go along with a name that meant something more than 150 years ago. That should cut no ice today for a thinking voter.

Bubba said Denton County will regret this choice.

Sheriff Parkey knows this county like the back of his hand. He was born here and his law enforcement career has brought him in contact with the good, the bad and the ugly in Denton.

Sheriff Parkey cleaned up the sheriff’s department, brought in quality lawmen to head the divisions and restored pride back in a department that had been an embarrassment to Denton residents for years.

Bubba said while he was venting, where was the coverage for the world championship of rodeo last month? Said he kept looking in the paper, hoping he would see some updates, etc.

Man, wake up down there at the DRC. A lot of us don’t care a rip snort about the Mean Green or the Cowboys. You are surrounded by the horse, boots and hat folks. Give some coverage to a sport that provides the “bread and butter” on some of the tables in this area.

Just reading the DRC, you wouldn’t know there was a horse in Denton County.

Alice Gore, Denton


EDITOR’S NOTE: We checked our back issues and found an article about the 2012 Wrangler National Finals Rodeo in Las Vegas with a local angle — the outstanding performance of steer wrestler Bray Armes. (DRC, Dec. 18, Page 3B). As the article pointed out, his wife’s parents live in Denton and his parents live a few miles away.