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Letters to the editor, January 13

Follow the Ten Commandants

Armed guards protect our money. Why not armed and trained teachers or police to protect children in school?

Jim Stodola is half correct. Stop the irrational calls for more restrictions. Chicago, which has some of the most restrictive gun laws in the nation, finished 2012 with 532 murders.

On the flip side of the editorial page is the story of the prohibited person (out of prison on parole for beating his grandmother to death with a hammer) who set his house on fire and killed firemen responders. Laws are only effective for the law abiding. 

Regaining morality is a large part of solving senseless violence, which cannot be accomplished without morality being practiced and exhibited by the highest elected leaders of the nation.

Richard Nixon resigned in shame. Bill Clinton refused to resign even though he was convicted of perjury about his Monica affair. The same people who are screaming about guns killing children see nothing wrong with killing them days or weeks before they leave their mother’s womb, championed by Obama’s administration. 

Regardless of one’s religion or lack of same, no one can deny that living by the Ten Commandants is the best way for a civilization to live in harmony.

Put copies of the Ten Commandants on the walls inside the schools and teach the youngsters what they mean and why they are important. 

Fred Carter, Sanger


School security

The massacre at the Newtown, Conn., school was an act by a predictable man at a place that no one expected. One of the first questions: “What can be done to eliminate the possibility of it happening again?”

First answer: Protection by trained officers. That will come from police and other qualified organizations. The first and biggest complaint is: It would be too expensive. How can schools afford it?

I would also like to know when and where in Texas has a student been killed in a state-supported or private school by a non-student?

How much waste is there in school district, city, county and state governments to cover school security? I bet they would cover all schools with money left to build more high-dollar schools and support athletics. This should be done on a state or local basis.

Leave the federal government out. We can take care of our own.

Look at all the money that comes from state sales tax. It would do the job. Even one security officer would do the job. A squad car parked out front would show possible perpetrators what they would encounter.

The officers have instant connection with the departments; no 911 needed. Doors could be locked with an electronic signal by the officer or front office.

Expense should never be used as a reason not to protect mine or your children or grandchildren. Let me hear from those who have a better idea. I will agree with it if it is.

James Penton, Denton