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Letters to the editor, January 14

Sensible gun control

In a response from Congressman Michael Burgess after encouraging him to seriously consider some changes with our existing gun laws following yet another mass shooting last month in Newtown, Conn., I was disappointed to see him fall back on the same old weak arguments touted by the gun industry’s handmaiden, the NRA.

Banning the sale of some assault weapons from the general public is not a violation of a person’s Second Amendment rights. That law states nothing about allowing any and all sales of firearms to every individual.

The fact that other more sensible guns are still available to people who want to feel secure in their home disputes the silly notion that not allowing “law-abiding gun owners” to own a small arsenal of assault weapons violates their constitutional rights.

Equally weak is the argument that we simply need to enforce the existing laws to keep guns out of the wrong hands.

The current law does not require that background checks be done for people who purchase firearms through gun shows and private sales. Forty percent of our nation’s guns are purchased through this loophole in the “existing laws.”

Clearly Burgess is either naive or feels that his views are shared by the majority of his constituents. This is neither a Democrat or Republican nor a liberal or conservative issue.

I would encourage everyone in the 26th District to write Burgess and let him know that there are some sensible approaches we can take to minimize such tragedies.

Larry Beck,




Next big story

Fear is undoubtedly a great motivator, particularly when you may drive on a cliff and drown in the sea. Whoever in the media or elsewhere coined the term “economic cliff” deserves either a Pulitzer or a good kick in the rear.

Oh well, the great “cliff crisis” (how much spending on what and how much taxing on whom?), seems to have been quickly (and only temporarily?) avoided, as many thought it would be. (Extensive work by Washington politicians/Hawaiian vacation during the holidays?)

Perhaps the TV news media/analysis and our Congress may now intelligently address another story: the discovery in Switzerland (atom collider) of a sub-atomic particle that may provide great importance to the whole human race.


Oh, forget it.

H.L. Hall,




Do we care enough

What value do we put on our children? Today, we as a society do not really care — big business, politics and sports are more important than our children’s lives.

1. We as a nation will not fight banning assault weapons with large-capacity magazines, because big money from the NRA is contributed to congressional leaders to buy their votes.

What sportsman needs this type of weapon to hunt game or shoot targets — if the person is that bad a shot, the person should not handle any type of gun. 

2. If (the NRA’s) W. LaPierre wants to protect schools with armed security, then the NRA should pay the wages for these people, not the taxpayers.

3. The governor of Pennsylvania (Corbett) is more concerned about (football) and (re-election 2014). Gov. Corbett did nothing when he was Pennsylvania’s attorney general when all the child abuse was going on at Penn State University.

We talk about doing away with abortion, but do we care enough about our children to do, or say anything about it? 

Phil DeGiulio,