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Letters to the editor, January 15

Congressional concerns

Members of Congress just finished their year of work. In the new bills passed, they have allowed Hollywood to have $430 million of your and my tax money, $50 million for NASCAR, $30 million for algae study and so on for support.

They gave themselves another raise for all their hard work. You know, the labor-intensive kind they do.

I’m curious, does anyone else feel they have done a good job for the people of this nation?

I mean, they have increased the national debt by a couple of trillion dollars, passed laws allowing for gay marriage in most states, allowed more laws for marijuana — both for use and growing — in several states, and continue to allow partial-birth abortions.

Does any of this sound like good work to you?

In the meantime, they continue to argue and complain they aren’t allowed enough time off for holidays and vacation, etc. Is any of this a concern to you? If it isn’t, you are much different than I am.

I have personally given up on any hope or expectation that things will improve for our country. They don’t seem to care, so why should I? I only live here and have to abide by the same rules everyone else does.

Aren’t I supposed to be happy for all they have done for me?

Maybe in time I will acclimate to the negative feelings I now have.

No one else seems to mind. They keep telling me everything is alright, so, I guess it must be.

Jack Cox,