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Letters to the editor, January 16

Purge leftist dregs

In response to Philip DeGiulio: [DRC, Nov. 17].

During the last year I have heard many lefties use the same phase, “old white man,” but these racist slogans are not restricted to one people.

When Herman Cain, Mia Love and any conservatives who run for office; the racist left attacks them with every insult in the book; anything to avoid addressing any substantive issues.

The Democrat Margaret Sanger started Planned Parenthood to control what she called undesirables.

The Democrats started the KKK, wrote the Jim Crow laws and fought for slavery.

Since the Democrats were no longer effective with their hooded bed sheets, they turned to socialism and Marxist ideologies and snagged people with government cheese and empty promises.

In his book, Dreams from My Father, Obama touts that throughout his life he sought after Marxist and radicals. Obama went to a chasm for more than 20 years that preached anti-American, anti-white and anti-Semitic hate.

Is it really kosher to have a Marxist in the White House?

The left will attach itself to any detestation that furthers its cause.

Col. West said that, “the Dem Party is the most racist party I’ve ever seen in my life.”

No surprise that our country is more divided than ever and in poor shape.

So, when Philip DeGiulio stated, “It is time to get rid of racistlawmakers,” he was correct; the sooner America purges itself of the leftist dregs and their useful idiots, the better off we will all be.

Eric Mach,