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Letters to the editor, January 17

Absurd line of reasoning

In his recent letter, [DRC, Jan. 1] James Caldwell compares the shootings in Newtown, Conn., to a pedophile with a camera, courageously calling attention to an insidious, yet seldom-discussed problem, pedophiliography.

Well, let us unite to rid our country of every camera and digital-imaging device. Do not heed the battle cry of the pro-imaging lobby, if cameras are outlawed, only pedophiles will have cameras.

Really, Mr. Caldwell, you’re comparing pedophilia to the mass murder of 20 precious, innocent children? Wow.

Please understand, I believe anyone, pedophile or otherwise, who would harm an innocent child is a pernicious blight to our collective humanity. But, since you brought it up, let’s continue this absurd line of reasoning to as logical a conclusion as possible:

Let’s imagine there’s a remarkable camera which, utilizing new technology, can shoot as many as 30 images of fully clothed people in rapid succession, rendering them totally nude. Just choose a subject and hold down the button. Then, some pedophile comes along and decides to focus this new device on a group of young, innocent children.

Remember, this camera is solely designed to shoot naked pictures of fully clothed people. Is the problem the perverted pedophile or the perverted mindset that allows such a device to be sold?

Would you really support the sale of this camera? Why, that would be like supporting the sale of guns that are designed solely to shoot and kill people. What kind of idiot would support that?

Mary Ardis,

Oak Point



Don’t blame Congress

The U.S. Congress is simply a reflection of our failure collectively as a nation.

If Congress performs poorly, it means that we have all performed poorly. After all, Congress is just our elected representatives. We citizens are the ones who constantly run to Washington demanding an unfunded payout to solve our perceived problems. We the American people are the irresponsible ones. We are the ones who are guilty of creating the financial monster that will destroy the dreams of future generations of Americans.

We all share responsibility for running up our $16 trillion national debt (with trillions more to come). Don’t blame Congress — the real cause of our disgraceful national condition is ourselves.

Martin Kemplin,




End senseless slaughter

If all we do in response to the gun-slaughter of innocents in Newtown, Conn., is mourn, grieve and sympathize, then we tacitly approve of what happened and provide the underpinnings for the next slaughter.

In a recent movie, a pre-Civil War plantation owner asks why slaves don’t rise up in rebellion against their owners. A racist, he concludes that there is a defect in their brains.

What is the defect in our brains that enables us to submit to the repeated slaughter of our innocent children?

We live under the tyranny of the oppression of gun manufacturers and their front groups that intimidate and bribe our lawmakers. These gun makers have deprived me and all other Americans of our Second Amendment rights by changing the word “well-regulated” to “unregulated,” convincing us that we do not have the right to regulate guns.

As responsible Americans, we must assert our Second Amendment right to regulate guns and end this senseless slaughter of our children.

A felon, a psychopath, a sociopath, a malignant personality (bully), a suicidal personality do not have a Second Amendment right to own a gun. Gun owners must prove they do not have these characteristics in order to continue owning guns. The constitutional right of living human beings to life supersedes the right to bear arms.

Walter Lindrose,




Sell the Constitution

After reading letters from our leftist and progressive friends here in Denton, I propose we sell our Constitution to the People’s Republic of China. This will get rid of our “outdated” Constitution, our debt and give us, as installed by the Central People’s Government, a “collective and distributive” society.

China can turn us over, temporarily, to the United Nations to administer us as a Third World country striving to form a Democratic People’s Government of Aligned States.

We will turn in guns, abolish Fox News and conservative talk radio; we will continue with our state media, CBS, NBC, ABC and a small People’s Militia.

We will dispose of our right-wing war-mongering military. We will abolish corporations, seize the assets of the rich and wear uniforms in schools and colleges so as to eliminate crime connected to shoes and clothing — no individuality.

We will destroy all churches and forbid worship of God. We will strengthen abortion by demanding one child per family.

We will relocate about 40 percent of all urbanites from wealthy homes to the farming community and direct others to take people into their homes for nourishment and home health care.

We will institute wage, salary and price controls for the middle class and benefits for those unable to work. We will eliminate the title “president” and let the Central People’s Congress install a “Beloved Leader for Life.” Enough for now — check the international want ads under “For Sale — U.S. Constitution — $16 Trillion Dollars — includes all people and property.”

Don Spaulding,




Time to show up

In early 2009, I began working with a group of Denton residents to get a better drilling ordinance.

In early 2010, I began working with a group of Corinth residents to get a better drilling ordinance.

In October 2010, Corinth adopted its new ordinance. In Denton, public health remains at risk as the ordinance process drags on.

Industry used its influence to distort the process in both cities. It was unsuccessful in Corinth.

The main difference I can see is that concerned residents of Corinth showed up. They showed up en mass and left a take-no-prisoners impression on the mayor, City Council and city employees.

The time for Denton to show up is now. Or someday you will have to explain to your children why you stayed home watching television instead of protecting their future.

Sharon Wilson, organizer,

Earthworks’ Oil and Gas

 Accountability Project