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Letters to the editor, January 18

People kill people

Another senseless, maniacal slaughter of innocent people has occurred. As usual a hue and cry for gun control has gone up across the land. However, I must tell you, folks, that people kill people.

Fox News tells us that there are 300 maniacs running in our streets all across America. In the face of such a threat do we turn in our guns? Good heavens no, we protect ourselves.

My first suggestion would be to put an armed police officer in every school building for as long as there is activity in the building.

Did I hear someone say, “That would be too expensive?” Forgive me, but I must ask you, “What is the value of a child?”

A plan B might be to have an administrator or teacher in each building be trained and armed to carry a side arm at all times in the building.

I am a retired teacher of 40 years and have witnessed the results when an armed officer patrols the halls and the lunch room. There was never a threat from outside and inside the fist fights stopped.

J.P. Dewell,