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Letters to the editor, January 20

Pedal fast

Your United States Postal Service spent more than $40 million sponsoring Lance Armstrong in bike races.

To the U.S. Postal Service:

Do not raise the price of my stamps until after one of the following happens:

1. Either you get the $40 million back from Mr. Armstrong; or

2. Lance works off the $40 million sorting mail in the back room, and then jumps on his bike to deliver said mail.

Tell Lance to pedal fast so the mail won’t be late.

Jim Stodola,



Save our guns

Our Constitution, Second Amendment, gave us permission and the right to keep and bear arms, and this is not to be infringed.

Time moved on and we now have a strange and liberal government that hates guns being in the hands of citizens who are smart. They want your guns so you then must obey them without question.

Do you think this may be their method of diverting our attention from their radical fiscal growing budget that is about to ruin our nation?

You are now being overtaxed, not to solve the horrible debt, but to give this group of elected leaders the ability to spend more.

Will this clash over guns make you forget about your taxes and our debt ... and then all classes, including the lower and middle class, will have to pay more and do it without question.

Save your guns and save our nation. Can we save America and our freedom? 

Ray Roberts,