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Letters to the editor, January 22

Lots of fun

This week began the eight-week opportunity of young boys and girls ages 6-12 to play basketball with one another in a game and have lots of fun with others their age. They play in teams, all of which are the same age group.

The title of this event is Upward Bound and it is played at Southmont Baptist Church every Saturday morning through the end of February.

There are 10 teams with a total of about 100 young boys and girls in this wonderful event.

In addition, there are three cheerleading squads of about 24 youngsters.

They have coaches and play the game in the church’s gym where they learn to play basketball, but they are at no time pressured to play a certain way, to just have fun.

They just enjoy playing dressed in a team uniform and playing with others their age. They may know many, but often others are brought together for this annual event, and they make new friends.

The gym has ample seating for parents and anyone else who would like to see these wonderful youngsters play indoors during the winter months, and other youngsters can join in on this great event anytime during the two months of the games.

They play from 9 a.m. until 2 p.m. every Saturday, now through February, and you are invited to stop by and watch these great youngsters have a lot of fun.

Bob Treadaway,