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Letters to the editor, January 23

Fact check

No one likes to see facts in an emotional debate, but according to the preliminary statistics from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, there were 2.5 million deaths in 2011.

Some causes and the number involved: heart disease (596,339); cancer (575,313); pneumonia (52,136); drug induced (40,239); falls (26,631); alcohol induced (26,256); homicide by firearm (11,101); accidental drowning (3,555); and accidental discharge of firearm (851).

More people died from falls than firearms by homicide or accidental discharge. I haven’t seen any bans on ladders or federal control for height limitations to reduce falls.

I won’t even bring up that abortion kills far more children per day than what happened in Connecticut.

“Gun-free zones” make everyone feel safe and criminals even safer. What made the shooters at Columbine, Aurora movie theatre and Newtown stop? Someone else who also had a gun. Signs prohibiting guns didn’t stop them.

Who protects the president and his family? People with guns — even assault weapons, which do not exist, except in the minds of liberals. My .38 Special is an assault weapon if I choose to use it that way. Gun control only controls guns of law-abiding citizens.

Finally, the Second Amendment is not about deer hunters, skeet shooters or even protection from criminals. It is to prevent a tyrannical government from treating us like we see happening in Syria.

Throwing rocks at a government army hasn’t worked too well anywhere it has been tried. That’s what a “well regulated militia being necessary to the security of a free state” means.

Steve Sullivan,