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Letters to the editor, January 25

Concerns about Israel

President Obama has nominated Sen. Hagel as the next secretary of defense. But a great uproar about Hagel is seething largely because of a statement Hagel made relative to Israel and his belief that some members of Congress are intimidated by Israel.

Remember, he was a U.S. senator.

There may be sufficient reason for Congress to be concerned. Netanyahu [Benjamin Netanyahu, prime minister of Israel] practically insulted our president last year in the White House.

Israel is striving to gain the release from a U.S. prison for a convicted Israeli spy. Israel spies on us in many countries including the U.S.

Israel takes our billions and expects more from us even to ask us to assist Israel against Iran. Indeed, it wants us to bomb Iran. Should we go to war with Iran for Israel? Do you embrace Israel?

John J. Miniter,