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Letters to the editor, January 27

What if?

I wonder: What if the media went after the background checks of Barry Soetoro in 2008 as fervently as they recently did with Manti Te’o?

Roger T. Horrell, Denton


Easily enticed

The City Council’s 5-1 decision to allow gas well drilling within our city limits has obviously angered many of us who opposed such a measure.

Our elected officials were more dazzled by the well-financed campaign the gas industry presented to them, failing to look beyond the short-term prospects of increased revenue sources to fully comprehend the long-term damages that we’ll now all suffer from, long after the corporate interests have run their course and moved on to other locales to keep their investors happy.

Confronted with revenue shortages, government entities are easily enticed by corporate interests that promise the moon but too often deliver something far less, including worsened social and economic conditions that prove difficult to recover from.

In the city of Denton’s case, we are likely to see severe water shortages as we face drought conditions that just get worse each year. Yet, the decision to allow private interests to drain off our water supplies to drill gas wells will jeopardize the availability of this vital resource for future generations — a frightening scenario considering how water shortages will be rampant everywhere.

It takes millions of gallons of fresh water to drill just one gas well and none of that water can be reused for public consumption.

And then there are the health issues we will have to face from the air and water pollution that our elected officials are hoping won’t manifest itself after that source of revenue that caused it dries up.

Larry Beck, Denton