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Letters to the editor, January 28

Armed citizens

I have been disappointed in many of the letter writers and news media on the current discussion of the Second Amendment.

The misuse of the term “assault rifle” is either from lack of knowledge or intentionally misleading. The AR-15 is not an assault rifle. It is a semiautomatic (as are other sporting rifles) and cannot “spray bullets” anywhere. The AR-15 is built on a frame similar to military assault rifles because it is lighter and easier to handle.

It resembles military rifles in appearance but not function. (The same thing happened with the M-1 and carbine assault weapons of World War II.)

Everyone talks about the meaning of the Second Amendment and talks about the use of weapons for hunting. The Second Amendment was not put into the Constitution for hunting but to assure freedom for Americans.

I dare you to “Google” Battle of Athens and read the details. You won’t find it in history books, but it is an example of the use of the Second Amendment to get rid of a despotic Democratic Party administration in the United States. It is the reason for the Second Amendment and in light of the “power mad” politicians of both parties in Washington (and state houses) it is more necessary than ever.

The only thing keeping us free is the armed citizen.

Alfred A. Croix,