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Letters to the editor, January 29

Any more bright ideas?

Bubba called. Said rabid environmentalists wanted the use of ethanol, a renewable source, instead of oil and gas to run vehicles. Then we found ethanol takes more energy to produce than it’s worth, is a big polluter and darn near impossible to extinguish when it catches on fire.

Sure, farmers are opening up new areas for corn production and the upswing in the price of corn has been a hardship on the Third World populations that depend on corn for their daily food; increased our food prices, also.

Now, these same rabid environmentalists lament the increase in farm acres, i.e. corn production [Peggy LaPointe, DRC, Dec. 30]. But what the heck, keep pouring ethanol in those gas tanks.

A lot of good farm and ranch land is being covered with new housing developments we see along nearly any highway in the United States.

With Obama hot to shut down coal plants that generate electricity and deny gas and oil drilling permits, what next, Peggy? Got any more bright ideas like ethanol?

Saw on the news where Washington state is taxing electric cars because they don’t generate gas tax dollars to fix roads, bridges and keep the state government running. Taxpayer dollars are given to these folks to buy electric cars and now they get taxes.

Any of that picture make sense?

Bubba stated that some time ago that taxing was a good idea as electric cars run on roads they don’t help pay for. Kinda like welfare.

Alice Gore,