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Letters to the editor, January 31

Disappointing selection

I was again disappointed with today’s [DRC, Jan. 24] selection of letters to the editor. Were these the best that you had to choose from or did you purposely select one that was far, far right of mainstream and a second inane letter, both from contributors you seem to often choose?

If the former, shame on mainstream Denton residents and the faculty of our two universities for not contributing to an informed and factual dialog. If the latter, shame on you DRC for fostering the same extremism the majority of us dislike in many of our politicians and in much of the media.

If you have nothing worthy to print, then please fill the space with informed letters or opinions from other sources.

Robert W. Killam,



EDITOR’S NOTE: It is our policy to print all local letters that can be verified. This is why we require a telephone number.



Make it prominent

The Denton Record-Chronicle recently printed an article about a TxDOT meeting regarding the expansion of I-35. The article indicated a very small turnout for an important information sharing meeting.

County Judge Mary Horn expressed her concern about the lack of public participation.

I contacted Judge Horn to inquire as to how the public was informed about the meeting. She said that all area governmental jurisdictions were notified by TxDOT and she herself provided the information to the Denton Record-Chronicle.

I am a DRC subscriber and I failed to see the notice of the TxDOT meeting in the paper. I am directly affected by the I-35 expansion and would certainly have attended the meeting if I had been aware that it was taking place. That is also true of many of my neighbors.

Initially, I thought that I had somehow missed a notification letter from TxDOT, but upon checking with my neighbors, I learned that they had not received any direct notice from TxDOT and they also failed to see any notice in the newspaper.

I am not saying that there was no prior mention of the meeting in the DRC, but if there was, I would appreciate having such information more prominently placed in the paper in the future.

Linnie McAdams,