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Letters to the editor, February 5

36 losers

I was not surprised to see that 36 Republican senators voted against aid to Hurricane Sandy victims, led by Sen. Roy Blunt (Missouri).

He was first in line requesting aid for 2011 Joplin, Mo., tornado victims. He now votes against Sandy victims.

We also have two Texans (Ted Cruz and John Cornyn) who vote no to everything.

I hope Texas and all the other Southern coastal states senators never have a disaster like drought, fires, tornados or hurricanes. I cannot wait for the 64 senators to say no to these coastal senators, when they request aid for their state.

But I am glad other senators have more brains than these 36 losers. Are these the type of people who you truly want to represent you, truly not Christians?

Phil DeGiulio,




Look to history

The king of England felt compelled to control the new British colonies. We were a baby America and were done with being controlled by the government. We declared independence and started this beautiful country. We knew we were better suited to know our own best interests.

We drafted the Constitution to be a one-way document. It was to prevent the government from controlling us. Period.

The Second Amendment gave us the right to bear arms. Now, on the shoulders of some sick puppies, the government is once again trying to downplay the document and take away our arms.

England has absolute gun control. The country has cameras everywhere. Its violence far surpasses ours. The violence comes from sick minds who will harm with or without guns.

If you think this massive move to disarm you is healthy, look to history and know that we are in a pivotal place that could rewind us back to the revolution.

Rocky Haire,