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Letters to the editor, February 6

Stand up against Obamacare

In 1954, the Democrats passed the Johnson Amendment that prohibited what a pastor says concerning politics; this was again restated under current regulations.

The First Amendment exists to protect the people’s free exercise of religion and speech, from the government.

If a politician or party devotes itself to using public money to kill millions of babies, for example, a preacher has an obligation to address it.

No law passed decades ago or recently can stop religious leaders from teaching God’s law.

The Democrats’ Johnson Amendment should have been challenged and defeated years ago. By allowing snaky politicians to infringe on our freedom to speak, we allowed a corrupt precedent to be established.

We are in a fortunate time in history, where we actually can choose our leaders and the direction of our country. 

A pastor’s mission is to voice the word of God. We are called to be “salt and light,” not “a lamp under a bowl.” (Matthew 5:15) 

Pastors and Christians were essential to bringing an end to slavery and establishing civil rights. 

As in most religions, Christians believe life is precious. 

Jeremiah 1:5: “Before I formed you in the womb I knew you.”

Obamacare, with its abortion mandate, directly conflicts with God’s word and the U.S. Constitution.

As Apostle Paul stated, “We are not in a war of flesh but of spirit.”

As Christians and real Americans, we need to fight alongside Hobby Lobby and other persecuted establishments that are standing up against Molech’s Obamacare.

Eric Mach,