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Letters to the editor, February 7

Top-notch effort

Recently, I was lucky enough to watch Ryan High School students perform Little Shop of Horrors. Wow!

It was the best live show I have ever seen. The acting, singing, set design ... everything about it was top notch.

Thank you to everyone involved for all your hard work. What an enjoyable two hours. My only regret is I couldn’t go twice.

My hat’s off to the entire crew, Mrs. Abney and Mrs. Thompson.

Cindy Stack,




Are you serious?

Ninety thousand people in Denton County who don’t know where their next meal is coming from [DRC, Jan. 27.]?

Are you serious? Where are they and who are they and what are their circumstances?

I guess with this many starving people, I’d have thought that we would be seeing emaciated people lying in the streets or on TV picking through trash somewhere with MSNBC and Sally Struthers asking other more prosperous counties and states to send us aid.

Maybe we need the Peace Corps to come here, as it did a terrific job in Afghanistan and the Sudan. Maybe Al Gore’s Americorps can do something.

What does this tell us about the tremendously expensive Great Society and liberal educational policies that took away courses like home economics and shop class and use computers and calculators instead of pencils and paper in teaching the basic three Rs?

Ask yourself why villages in India with a blackboard and chalk produce world-class mathematicians and America produces good singers and dancers.

John Harazda,




Cheers and jeers

Cheers to the city of Denton for having Quakertown Park recognized with a historical marker.

Jeers to the same city of Denton for continuing to have road signs pointing to Civic Center Park instead of Quakertown Park. Specifically, the sign northbound on Carroll Boulevard at the intersection with Parkway.

The park’s name was changed years ago. Can’t someone get that old sign changed?

Christie Wood,