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Letters to the editor, February 12

No such thing

Eric Mach in his letter [Stand up against Obamacare, DRC, Feb. 6] contends that the Johnson Amendment of 1954 “prohibited what a pastor says concerning politics.”

It does no such thing. Pastors and anyone else are free to say anything they wish at any time. However, organizations classified as 501(c)(3) under the tax code (such as churches) will lose their tax-exempt status if they are involved in political campaigns either favoring or opposing candidates for political office.

This usually refers to speaking from the pulpit and statements issued on official church stationery. Indeed, pastors acting as private citizens and not as representatives of their churches, can endorse or oppose any candidate they wish without affecting the tax status of their churches.

As for tossing off scriptural one-liners to support his arguments against certain provisions of the Affordable Care Act, while this may be a personally satisfying and justifiable approach for Mach, it is hardly persuasive or plausible.

It also defies logic to state that employers are “persecuted” because the Affordable Care Act provides birth control for employees. Contraceptive costs would be paid for under separate contracts between the insurance companies and employees. Employers would not be involved in any way.

For insurance companies, providing birth control is far cheaper than payingfor pregnancy and pre- and postnatal care.

If any rights are being violated, it is those of individuals wanting contraceptive care but are being denied by employers essentially meddling in areas that are none of their business.

Robert Desiderato,




Four boxes that keep us free

Larry Beck’s call for “Sensible gun laws” [DRC, Jan. 14] is a brazen attempt to exploit the tragic events at Newtown, furthering the left’s attempt to shred the Second Amendment while unjustly insulting Congressman Burgess.

The left will never debate their real intention, which is to ban all guns, because if revealed, they would be resoundingly defeated.

Since repealing the Second Amendment is unlikely, they attempt to disarm the public by methodically chipping away at our constitutional rights through fiat with executive orders, additional laws and an activist judiciary, aided by a lapdog press.

While Beck calls for banning some “assault” weapons, the framers of the Constitution were very specific when they mentioned arms not muskets. His call for more “sensible gun laws” undermines our right to bear arms against a potentially tyrannical government.

It is the Bill of Rights that guarantees our right to bear arms, not a Bill of Needs that defines what we can and cannot have. If gun control worked, Chicago’s strict gun laws would make it a safe city, which it certainly is not.

Championing subjugation over protection, Beck’s admonition that new gun laws should trump enforcement of existing laws is bogus. Related to current laws, Joe Biden ludicrously stated that we don’t have time to prosecute those who lie on background checks.

Congressman Burgess’ steadfast leadership will continue to safeguard our God-given constitutional rights and the four boxes that keep us free: the soap box, the ballot box, the jury box and the cartridge box.

Bill Lawson,




Gomer sticks to his guns

Cousin Gomer from Mayberry called and said there had been another shootout, this time in a Texas college. Gomer said the next thing our government will want to do is take our guns from us and it is not going to get his.

Gomer knows all about guns as he worked for Andy, the sheriff. Gomer said guns don’t kill people — it’s the sick people behind the guns. Gomer also said TV cop shows, even the Walker shows, are trash, as police do not have a shootout every time they go out on a case.

Gomer said most people have lost trust in police, that even in Denton we don’t have officer friendly working the schools, putting on bicycle rodeos, sponsoring ballgames, etc.

A lot of police departments have officers looking in cars to see if you are wearing your seat belt so they can give you a $200 ticket. Friendly? No.

Gomer said it is plumb silly to think that putting police in your schools is going to stop the killings. The public will have to help police themselves and officer friendly is going to have to stop peeping in private cars.

Gomer was very excited that our government might want to take his guns, but don’t you agree that the trash on TV and in movies might be causing some of our problems?

Thank you, Gomer, for calling, and I believe you’re right. I’m going to stop watching a lot of the trash and keep my guns.

Tillman E. Uland,