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Letters to the editor, February 14

No changing history

Ray Roberts constantly writes that Democrats are destroying America. How quickly these radicals such as him try to revise history.

President Reagan quadrupled the national debt and raised taxes 11 times; President George W. Bush doubled the national debt; he had the FBI chasing prostitutes in New Orleans while the terrorists plotted and carried out the attack on 9-11; his administration of draft dodgers like Cheney and Wolfowitz started two wars that killed thousands of young servicemen and women and put the costs on America’s credit card; he and his GOP Congress cut taxes on his rich friends that destroyed a surplus; he helped repeal controls/regulations that had kept Wall Street and the big banks from wrecking the U. S. economy; and he spent more time on vacations than any president in modern history.

How pathetic that Roberts and the other radicals say they wanted to take the country back.

Take it back for what? More wars, more tax cuts for the richest Americans, more repeal of regulations so that big banks can finish what they started under Bush?

If Roberts could read, he would see that Detroit is booming, the stock market is at its highest level in years, and President Obama has just won a second term in office.

Spew your hatred all you want, Roberts, but you can’t change history.

Michael S. Dana,