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Letters to the editor, February 15

Money for Morsi

Why should our government give Egypt’s Muslim dictator, Mohammed Morsi, a sum of $1.5 billion U.S. tax dollars since his new Shariah-based court sentenced a family — mother and seven children — to 15 years in prison for converting their religion to Christianity?

Her husband left Christianity 23 years ago for Islam. He died and his widow and family were returning to Christianity.

Are they humans or animals in Egypt? We should question our own Muslim president and ask why we give this Egyptian dictator our tax money.

Ray Roberts,




Clueless checkmate

Hyme Solomon, I had to interrupt reading some works of Pulitzer quality to respond to your letter of “pullet” quality [DRC, Feb. 2].

You stated: “Because of the liberal assault on institutionalizing the mentally ill, these people are roaming loose in the country without proper treatment. So once again liberals have no clue of the tragedy that their actions cause.”

Hyme, it was Ronald Reagan who defunded the Mental Health Systems Act, which turned so many mentally ill onto the streets.

You called me ignorant and clueless. I assure you that I am neither.

To use your word “loose,” it is your repeated “loose cannon” that refuses to check the facts before writing that puts you in clueless checkmate.

What’s more, I did not suggest that gun owners use their weapons on themselves or family. 

Jim Stodola,