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Letters to the editor, February 16

One can make difference

Jane Nelson, who was recently honored as a Champion for Texas Children from Court Appointed Special Advocates for Children, confirms that one person can make a difference. Her leadership gives a voice to our most vulnerable, who otherwise may not be heard.

With more than 47,000 children in the care of the state of Texas, CASA is a bright light for children. A CASA worker has no responsibility to anyone beyond the child.

With very few clients, they spend more time with each one. CASA workers are well-educated, sophisticated in child welfare issues and have strong personalities, all pluses for children. They commit to a child until the case is closed and the child has a safe, permanent home.

With a court system that is far too concerned with the rights of the parents at the expense of the child, the CASA advocate gathers the child’s pertinent life information and gives recommendations so judges can make informed decisions.

With children moving far too frequently, no child can grow emotionally without a long-term relationship with a caring adult.

CASA’s shortening the time a child spends in the system is critical because by age 8 or 9, if a child does not have a permanent home, the child’s chance of adoption decreases dramatically.

Luke 9:48: “Whoever welcomes this little child in my name welcomes me ... for he who is least among you all — he is the greatest.” 

Jane Nelson and all CASA volunteers — your rewards are not of this world.

Bill Lawson,


Do what is proven

Did you notice that when lefties offer ideas to a quandary — economy, crime or whatever — it only involves more restrictions and taxes on good citizens? They never actually have a solution to fix a problem or protect the people.

Obama’s Chicago and Washington, D.C., have the highest murder and crime rates, but for decades have had the strictest gun laws. The Dems’ laws have only been triumphant in making solid citizens defenseless. 

The truth is, law-abiding citizens successfully defend their families by using firearms.

The left has always advanced its agenda on the ignorance and misery of the people.

As in the gibberish from Garner [DRC, Feb. 2] and Beck’s online comments at [Jan. 26] when he tries to deliberate Hitler’s socialist stance on gun control.

Tomorrow, if a leftist decided to assail a soft target, similar to what happened in Connecticut and Colorado, nothing would stop them. Only a good, armed person can halt sociopaths when they attack.

I maintain we should do what is proven. There are armed personnel in places of public interest; how much more valuable are the children? 

Most folks believe it’s not surprising when you remove God and sound teachings from school and replaced them with a lot of poppycock like moral relativism that we see an upsurge in bad behavior and kids acting with no remorse.

The beggared economy, moral decline, strife, etc. are just the symptoms.

The central cancer is Beelzebub and its Marxist practitioners.

Eric Mach,


Power transfer

Dominoes falling — Libya, Egypt, Mali. It’s called an Arab Spring, but it seems to be no more than transfer of power to the radical Islamist rule. And sadly, this country might have supported — if not instigated — such disaster. 

Where is the next disaster? A European country — or will it be us? The winners seem to be the Muslim Brotherhood.

Stay tuned. As a cowboy friend from Oklahoma is wont to say — “Hang on pard, you’re in for quite a ride.”

And while this is happening, we are ex­posed to hypocrisy and prevarication at its highest — below American flags whose use resembled more an attempt at decoration, than a display of patriotism.

Flag etiquette used to preclude the use of the Stars and Stripes for decorative purposes — such as is seen while driving around Denton. And at certain photo-ops nationwide.

Larry Jambor,