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Letters to the editor, February 19

School voucher con game

Folks, I pay school taxes. I have no kids of my own so I pay for your kids. For those of you who condemn any form of welfare, understand that it’s a form of welfare, plain and simple. But it is a welfare I am happy and proud to pay.

But along comes David Dewhurst and his henchmen with a conspiracy plot. Now they want me to pay for your kid to go to schools like “Kick One Thru The Goalposts For Jesus Academy.”

One claim is that public schools are not good enough. So what do they do? Rob funds from public schools, making them even poorer, just so their kid can go to “Kick One Thru The Goalposts For Jesus Academy.”

Hey, you want to send your kid there ... you pay for it.

The con game started by saying they wanted school vouchers so poor minority mothers could send their kids to better schools.

Geez, you think poor mothers can buy expensive SUVs to drive their kids around town? They’d be rejected, even then, couldn’t afford the extra tuition.

It’s a con game for later vouchers for those who don’t need them.

And now you want to spend my money on a school that is not accountable to me and other taxpayers?

And now Dewhurst’s con game disguises “school vouchers” by renaming them “tax credit scholarships.” Everybody loves tax credits and scholarships.

Don’t do any of this Dewhurst; don’t embarrass yourself.

Jim Stodola,