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Letters to the editor, February 21

Raise sin taxes

Instead of raising taxes on the rich, let’s raise the taxes on sin.

Legalizing and controlling drugs and taxing the devil out of them would bring in a bundle.

Letting the tobacco companies use the names they copyrighted decades ago would let them pay more taxes.

Federal and state taxes on alcohol should be raised every year until we have a surplus again.

Dolores Vann,




Wiser way

The writer of the DRC editorial of Feb. 7, “One-minute drill good safety idea,” thinks that “the more we can learn about preparing for and surviving dangerous situations, the better off everyone will be.”

The FEMA drill for earthquakes in our region is only one very small danger that may be and probably is caused by the fracking process used in drilling natural gas wells.

Other results of this process should also be addressed in a protective and preventative manner.

Those include toxic air emissions from drilling, flaring and venting at compressor stations 24/7 and the use of millions of gallons of clean water for fracking in our drought-stricken state.

What are the cumulative effects on us and our children? Must we prepare ourselves, as with earthquakes, for more respiratory illness, cancers, and polluted water?

A drill for preparedness is good. But a much wiser way to deal with environmental and public health hazards is not to cause or allow them in the first place.

Carol A. Soph,