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Letters to the editor, February 23

Lucky thugs

American criminals and the Mexican drug cartels need to ensure they have enough firepower to keep law enforcement at bay and win any gun battle.

They need to maintain a steady supply of handguns, semiautomatic weapons, large-capacity magazines and cop-killing bullets, while restricting law enforcement in its investigations of crimes involving guns.

Having no comprehensive database of gun and ammunition sales would be a great advantage, as well.

If these sociopaths could hire a lobbyist to advocate for them in Washington and create an advertising campaign to convince Americans to keep reasonable gun safety regulations from being enacted, they would do it in a heartbeat. But as wanted criminals, they can’t afford to get involved in public debate over gun laws.

Luckily for these thugs, they don’t have to go out and find an advocate. You see, they already have a powerful group fighting for all these restrictions on law enforcement.

They have the NRA and the GOP fighting for their access to weapons every day of the year.

Gary Ardis, Oak Point


Let them live

I felt compelled to respond to Bill Reed’s letter [DRC, Feb. 18] “Prevent unwanted pregnancies.”

Over the last 50 years, God has been removed from our culture, and our culture is now dark and profane. Today, right is wrong and wrong is right. Anything goes.

Is it right to torture preborn babies? Is it right to murder preborn babies? God knew each of us before we were formed in our mother’s womb. God has a purpose for every life. Fifty million preborn babies have been killed.

God’s word teaches that Christians are to obey the laws of the land except when those laws conflict with God’s commandments.

Birth control and abortion are legal. But Christians should not be forced to pay for them.

There are thousands of couples praying for a baby to love and care for. Can’t we let them live and be adopted by loving parents?

Bill, I’ll bet you are glad your mother didn’t choose abortion. 

Lockadee Newland, Denton