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Letters to the editor, February 25

Give thanks

A mother and two sons walked a mile and a half to church. No one offered a ride. They lived on the east side of the railroad tracks. A person had to be tough and strong to survive on the east side of the tracks.

One Sunday, arriving at the church tired and worn out, the mother told a church elder, “We need a place to worship on the east side of the tracks.” The elder got to work on the project and a church mission was started on Wood Street.

The Wood Street Church outgrew its small building. The first preacher was a professor from Texas Woman’s University. The first song leader was a grocery store owner. There was no paid staff

The Wood Street Church bought property on Cardinal Street and started the Singing Oaks Church of Christ.

Singing Oaks had to remodel a few years later to accommodate growth. The growing church has run out of space; two Sunday morning church services are held. There are public meetings and activity in the church building.

A celebration was held on Sunday, Jan. 27, on 66 acres of land north of the church’s location on Cardinal Street.

It is hard to believe all the growth and celebration was because a tired lady asking for a place on the east side of the railroad tracks for them to read and study the Bible.

Let’s give thanks for all the people who built the church and kept the faith alive for us.

Tillman E. Uland,