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Letters to the editor, February 26

Why whine?

Thank you for your letter, Robert Desiderato [DRC, Feb. 12]. If you do a little research, you will find the sole creation of the Johnson law of 1954 was to shut down opposition from his critics.

The Johnson law reads: entities who are exempt from federal income tax cannot: “Participate in, or intervene in (including the publishing or distributing of statements), any political campaign.”

But today we have a multitudinous amount of left-wing nonprofits, which are exclusively formed to funnel money to leftist Democratic candidates, put out their political message and actively create fraudulent votes. They include ACORN, MoveOn, Code Pink and many others.

The left never complains about radical speakers like the Rev. Wright or any of thegroups that spew out destructive anti-American hate.

So why does the left whine about Christian leaders?

The Johnson law should have been defeated years ago.

Desiderato cried, “Individuals wanting contraceptives but are being denied by employers.” The fact is, many employers do not even have insurance or medical coverage, and if a business owner does not want to compensate you for your birth control, then pay $7.25 and get it yourself.

A large portion of the Obamacare conflict would be resolved if it did not force people to pay for abortion, through their insurance carrier. If some leftists want to send 99 percent of their income to fund abortions, that would be their choice. 

But as in the past, the fascist left does not believe in free choice, only compulsion. 

Eric Mach,