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Letters to the editor, March 2

Demonizing won’t help

Our president says our police are “tired of seeing their guys get out-gunned.” His peanut gallery pals are echoing this, em­broidered with vacuous non sequiturs, imaginative speculation, and other time-worn, “blame the innocent” anti-gun rhetoric in their efforts to demonize gun owners and criminalize the sale of firearms and firearm accessories between individuals.

Border Patrol Agent Brian Terry was “out-gunned,” and we know that weapon came from the ATF, courtesy of a Mr. Holder at the DOJ, not from the NRA or GOP.

Some evidence suggests our police may be better trained and equipped than ever.

A chart from the National Law En­forcement Officers Memorial Fund indicates officer fatalities spiked during the previous assault weapons ban, and now are at or near historically low levels.

In 1994, the Pentagon began distributing surplus equipment like BlackHawk hel­icopters, M-16s, grenade launchers, tanks with .50-caliber machine guns, bulletproof helmets and night-vision goggles to police departments through its 1033 program. In 2011 it passed out $498 million in gear, aircraft and weapons, double the 2010 outlay.

The Department of Homeland Security has doled out billions more for training and equipment to fight the terror war at home.

The Pentagon suspended 1033 last year. It seems some recipients abused the program in various ways, allowing gear and guns to get lost or stolen.

If our police need more guns and tanks, by all means let’s get them more, but demonizing law-abiding citizens won’t help.

James Caldwell,


Gun freaks

Oh joy; it is a sad day that contains no nugget of good. I am referring to Erich Mach’s tirade against the left. How very Erich, but wonder of wonders, in his inane ramblings, Mach bunched myself and Larry Beck.

I can’t find words to express how honored I am to be conjoined with Beck, a writer I greatly admire for his in­formative, articulate posts. What can I say except, “Thank you, Eric?”

As for all the gun freaks out there, and I hasten to say when I use the words “gun freaks,” I am not referring to the sensible gun owners who have legal weapons for home defense as well as rifles and shotguns that hold the legal amount of ammunition. What I call a gun freak is the person who owns more than five weapons, including assault rifles, more than 10-shot pistol clips and automatic weapons.

I am denoting the armed-to-the-teeth gun nuts who have assault rifles, automatic weapons, pistols with more than 30-shot clips and would pay out the nose for more lethal weapons if they were available.

Do their arsenals stimulate daydreams of firing into the ranks of the liberal commie, godless rats or anyone who doesn’t agree with them? Do their collections of kill machines make them feel strong, powerful and invulnerable?

Do such arsenals conceal fear and weakness that gnaws at their beings? Do they make them feel like real men?

John Nance Garner,


Leftist mindset

Leftists often promote destructive initiatives and policies, irrational choices characterizing the Obama administration, too.

Internationally, allies (and even our ambassador) are abandoned, while those declaring America their mortal enemy are accommodated. With Muslim Brother­hood domination, Egypt is likely lost to America-haters, much like President Car­ter’s condoning Iran’s takeover by America-haters. Meanwhile, our defense budget is cut.

Domestically, Americans are divided into warring factions; President Obama himself calls for punishing “our enemies,” Americans not voting Democrat.

His administration repudiates rule of law, declaring voter intimidation by Black Panthers acceptable and ignoring existing bankruptcy law to benefit United Auto Workers union bosses.

It makes a flawed health care system worse by overlaying it with flawed Oba­ma­Care. It invites financial ruin by massive deficit spending, with hundreds of millions for favored crony capitalists, even failures (e.g., Solyndra). Promising equal opportunity, it would reduce military ef­fectiveness by blessing women with the horrors of infantry combat.

The real problem, though, is less such individual choices than the leftist mindset giving birth to them, and others to come, the mindset valuing ideology above in­te­grity and emotion above reason, the mindset saying, “We know best, and you will do whatever we say.”

Convinced of the righteousness of their agenda, leftists often reject traditional American values conflicting with it, even guaranteed constitutional rights.

For the good of America, we mustn’t lose ourselves opposing only destructive leftist choices or individual leftists. We must con­centrate on exposing and overcoming the real problem, the destructive, irrational leftist mindset itself.

Lee Nahrgang,