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Letters to the editor, March 3

Grinning apparition

Evil lurks everywhere. It is constantly tempting all of us. We see it on the video screen daily, but most of us are not aware that Evil sits on everyone’s shoulder, attempting to possess us.

And Evil trades power, or beauty, or obscene wealth — for what Christians call a man’s soul.

A man I know was a skeptic until the early hours of Sept. 11, 2001.

When the second plane dumped its load of jet fuel into the second tower and the smoke erupted and billowed out of the towers.

While the cataclysm in New York bellowed in anguish — a horrible-looking head began emerging from the devastation.

The apparition was not unlike that illustrated in much art; except it was much uglier and sinister, grinning in a foreboding, evil way — as if to convey a glimpse of that to come.

What has happened to America since that day?

Larry Jambor,