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Letters to the editor, March 4

Withdraw support

On Feb. 20, Pat Fallon proposed legislation called House Bill 1568, relating to funding under the Foundation School Program.

In essence, if a school district offers insurance benefits to a person other than a district employee or a dependent of a district employee, the commissioner shall: 1. reduce by 7.5 percent the amounts due to the district under this chapter; or 2. increase by 7.5 percent the amounts necessary for the district to comply with the requirements.

The key to this legislation is the definition of dependent.

A dependent is defined as an employee’s spouse, unmarried child younger than 25 years of age, and a child of any age who the board of trustees determines is mentally disabled or physically incapacitated.

The bill is designed to ensure that no same sex partner would ever be eligible for insurance offered by the individual school district. No matter what your views on marriage equality, this act interferes with local control of our schools. These local representatives are more in touch with the needs and the concerns of our community.

My understanding is that a good Republican always feels that government is better when done at the local level. This law totally circumvents this basic principle by holding hostage the state’s funding needed to run our schools if we don’t enact the state’s agenda. I would ask Pat Fallon to withdraw his support for this law.

Lisa Osterholt,

Little Elm