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Letters to the editor, March 5

Evil unchanged

The most amazing thing that has happened in my lifetime has been the incredible speed with which new technologies have been developed and spread around our globe.

As a child of the 1950s, we only dreamed about the things that have become common today — satellite communications, high-speed computers, cellphones, the Internet, flat-screen color TVs, heart and hip replacements — the list goes on and on.

Human beings may soon voyage to Mars and the secrets of DNA and of life itself have been largely deciphered.

Are we happier, are we better people, is our society a better society, is there more justice in the world?

I think not.

The mental health and chemical dependency clinics are busier than they have ever been. People are popping pills at an unprecedented rate. Booze and other drugs are more popular than ever. People are constantly seeking ways to cope with their stressed-out lives.

Family values are no longer valued. Normal courtesy is a thing of the past.

A massive and coordinated and very successful campaign is under way to destroy religious beliefs and the “traditional” family unit — marriage between a man and a woman. Technology has changed but the face of evil has not.

Martin Kemplin,