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Letters to the editor, March 7

Peaceful gentleman

I have strayed into John Nance Garner’s “gun freak” [DRC, March 2] category without trying. I own four shotguns, two high-powered rifles, three .22-caliber rifles and two handguns.

No “more than 10-shot magazines,” but I suppose 11 firearms qualifies as something Garner finds loathsome.

My first gun was a .410-gauge single-shot. Then I graduated to a 16-gauge pump. A 16-gauge pump I inherited from my grandfather is a keepsake. When I got older, I graduated to a 12-gauge semiauto.

My first .22 was a bolt-action rifle; then I bought a semiauto. Third was an old pump-action octagon-barreled relic I inherited.

High-powered rifles are a 30-06 deer rifle and a collector’s edition of a 30-30 Model 94 that’s never had a shell in it. The two pistols are both .380-caliber.

I have never threatened or used a gun for any illegal purpose. I don’t daydream about shooting anyone, including “liberal commie godless rats.” Except when overzealous gun-ban enthusiasts dictate terms of ownership to me, I don’t think about the guns I own at all.

I’m just a peaceful, aging gentleman.

As to the limit on magazines, I find it arbitrary and suspect it may have a secondary motive. The Glock 17 — maybe the most popular handgun in the world — holds 17 rounds with no modification. Could it be this administration seeks to outlaw millions of handguns by arbitrarily picking 10 rounds as a sufficient amount for average gun owners? Funny how only law-abiding gun owners would be affected by the suggested bans.

Paul Davis,

Hickory Creek