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Letters to the editor, March 11

Total success

On a recent Monday, 145 Calhoun Middle School students trekked from the school to the Downtown Denton Transit Center, loaded an A-train, took DART to Dallas, and walked to the Perot Museum of Nature and Science.

The day was a total success.

Students learned about the advantages and disadvantages of various energy choices, especially relating to transportation. We were proud of our students who were risk-takers and inquirers, two IB profiles we nurture at Calhoun.

This trip was made possible through individuals, businesses and government working together to make it happen.

We were grateful for a grant from the Denton Public Schools Foundation, for donations of train tickets and coordination of our travel from DCTA and DART, and for T-shirts for all of our kids donated by the city of Denton Sustainable Denton program.

Natures Market donated reusable bags. A consortium of local businesses, including Little Guys Movers, Dan’s Silverleaf,, Spune Productions and Denton Presbyterian, contributed shirts for the chaperones.

And speaking of chaperones, we had the best. Not only did 19 DISD employees attend — from teachers to counselors to administrators — but so did dedicated parents, business owners, city employees and a city council member.

Thanks to everyone who made this trip possible.

Amy Taylor, Team 6-1 teacher,

Calhoun Middle School