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Letters to the editor, March 12

State issues

Over the last couple of years in Texas, there has been an all-out attack on women’s access to health care, attempts to pass the nation’s most extreme voter suppression laws, tens of thousands of teacher layoffs and many school closings because of cuts in education funding.

Latest statistics show 26 percent of Texas children are living in poverty. Good public education is a good and necessary expense.

Dolores Vann,




Pointing fingers

To James Caldwell [DRC, March 2]: First, I own five guns — three rifles, a shotgun and a pistol.

The rifles include two bolt-action former infantry weapons, and the other is a lever-action first immortalized by the U.S. Cavalry against Native Americans. The shotgun is a single-shot 12-gauge that I have taken quail with. That was 30 years ago.

The pistol was given to me by a brother-in-law, who is now a retired police officer. He gave it to me because two pistols I had bought for myself were stolen and sold for cigarette money. I have never loaded or fired it.

I suppose the rifles could be considered “assault weapons” since their original use was military.

That said, I find no reason to oppose background checks for all gun sales. I had to have one to get a visa to a Central-American country. Passed with flying colors.

I certainly hope no school security officer pulls up to my great-grandchildren’s school in any model of tank, with or without the .50-caliber. I have no idea why any police department would need a Blackhawk, or in these days of tight budgets, could find funds to operate one.

Grenade launchers? Maybe I could see an M-16 in their trunk.

Wow, Lee Nahrgang [DRC, March 2], what an emotional, ideological tirade. Just remember when pointing fingers, three always point back at oneself.

Franklin “Mac” Poe,