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Letters to the editor, March 20

Restrict killing machines

Freshman Sen. Ted Cruz recently revealed what a foolish addition to Congress he is. He thought he could lecture three-term Sen. Diane Feinstein on the Constitution during the Senate Judiciary Committee hearing on the assault weapons ban.

He asked her if Congress could make exceptions to the First Amendment by setting some speech or books outside the protection of the Bill of Rights.

This man is not even smarter than a fifth-grader. Anyone with half a brain knows the First Amendment does not give a person the right to yell fire in a crowded theater. But Cruz wants to protect a person’s right to buy assault weapons and large-capacity magazines (killing machines) before they go into that crowded theater.

The First Amendment does not protect speech that incites others to violence. The First Amendment does not protect slanderous speech. Americans agree that these and other restrictions on free speech are appropriate.

And likewise, we have decided that certain killing machines should be restricted. Bombs, grenades, rockets, machine guns and similar weapons have rightly been banned from possession by the general public. It is now time to add assault weapons and large magazine clips to this list.

Gary Ardis,

Oak Point