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Letters to the editor, March 21

Fortune cookie rings true

Years ago I found a fortune in a fortune cookie that read, “How grave the sins we have not committed.” That was before they put the winning lottery numbers on the backs.

It hung in my office for more than 25 years to remind me that just because I might not agree with something, perhaps the other person had a point. I don’t know if it did any good, but I hope so.

I thought of that fortune cookie when I read that Republican Sen. Rob Portman had changed his stand on gay marriage only after learning his son was gay.

I commend him for changing his stance but I wonder if (had he opened the cookie I had opened so many years ago) he would not have telegraphed to his own son and the sons and daughters of so many other people that they were wrong?

Being gay, to Sen. Rob Portman, was an unacceptable sin until he learned of his own family.

That fortune cookie rang true. “How grave the sins we have not committed.”

I commend Sen. Portman on his new stand and I would hope others follow his lead. I hope it does not hurt him in the next election but, sadly, it probably will.

I do not favor much of what the Republican Party stands for but I commend Sen. Portman for this action.

Bill Reed,