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Letters to the editor, March 25

Major dust-up

Bubba called. Said just for grins he wanted to share Old DeWitt’s recent trip to Muleshoe. As you recall, that trip was in regard to his sister taking a spill off her horse. DeWitt returned with an attitude akin to a sunburned rattlesnake; he and his older-than-dirt sister Big Six had a dust-up of major proportions.

Bubba said the short version was Big Six kicked DeWitt off the ranch when he started giving orders to her crew and checking into how the cattle herd was doing. Don’t think she wanted DeWitt “sticking his nose in her business” even if that ranch is family owned. Big Six has run that place solo for so long Bubba thinks she forgets who owns what at times.

Sounds just like those two. They get along better when they have half of Texas between them.

At any rate, Bubba’s glad to have Old DeWitt back home, major grouch and all. That trip had to have been hard on the old geezer with all that snow and cold weather that moved through the Lubbock area.

Old DeWitt had taken his old crow bait (horse for you city folks) and that meant pulling a trailer. Made driving sorta rough but he refuses to ride any of Big Six’s horses or maybe she wouldn’t give him a horse to ride — just to keep him at the house and out of her ranch operation. These two are more alike than they’ll ever admit.

Alice Gore,