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Letters to the editor, March 26

Nothing done

It has been three months since the Newtown, Conn., massacre of 20 first-graders, plus six adults, and nothing has been done by this cowardly United States Congress.

Some congressional members are trying to reinstate the assault weapon bill, struck down by President Bush and Congress in 2004.

Currently, all Republicans voted against anything to stop these mass killing, hopefully, it does not take another tragedy, involving any of the families of this Congress to wake up.

Congressional leaders should determine if taking blood money from the NRA is more important than their children’s lives.

NRA spokesman LaPierre made a statement that a police officer should be in every school — let the NRA pay the salaries of these officers, and not the taxpayers. NRA: put up or shut up.

Republicans continue to self-destruct — look at the recent Violence against Women Act, 138 congressional Republicans voted against this act.

I thank God for some of the sane people in Congress who passed the VAWA; yet, Republicans want the women’s vote. Remember, the good old boys of the Republican Party want to keep women in the home and not part of making policy decisions.

Phil DeGiulio,