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Letters to the editor, March 27

Clumsy ridicule

Larry Beck’s letter, “Cavalier Approach,” [(DRC, March 13] willfully misrepresents Congressman Burgess, while lacking common sense and common decency.

Bemoaning that the sequester cuts were “done with an ax, not a scalpel,” he ignores that Obama was given the opportunity by Republicans to make cuts, but rejected that scalpel. His penchant for campaigning instead of governing, shields him from accountability, while allowing him to denigrate the sequester bill he signed.

The cuts that Beck laments are not cuts but are reductions in the amount that spending is scheduled to increase.

Total federal spending in 2013 will be $3.7 trillion, which is higher than in 2012. Over 10 years because of sequester reductions, spending will increase by $1.6 trillion instead of $1.7 trillion.

His claim that military families will see pink slips and pay cuts, ignores the fact that Congress wisely exempted our soldiers’ salaries from the sequester.

With the total 2013 sequester comprising only 5 percent of the almost entirely wasted $850 billion surplus program, Beck attempts to use the left’s “go-to” move of creating panic over clean air and water being compromised.

His linking air and water quality to health care cost increases from the sequester defies common sense, while ignoring Obamacare’s 10-year cost of $2.6 trillion after Obama’s assurance it would not exceed $.9 trillion.

While bringing our voice to Washington, Congressman Burgess has shown an undeniable commitment to protecting our constitutional rights and liberties. Beck’s clumsy ridicule is a crass insult worthy of only retraction or apology.

Bill Lawson,