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Letters to the editor, March 31

Writer reference

As with most radical progressives who have no cogent informative response, John Nance Garner [DRC, March 23] resorts to name calling.

In an effort to try to divert attention away from his flawed argument involving “gun freaks,” he personally attacks my reasonable and normal use of the term “I.”

In an effort to demonstrate how anyone who has advanced to a ripe old age might have accumulated several different firearms, John can only point out that this writer has referred to himself in the singular “I.”

As the original writing covered several decades, involving only this individual and multiple events, one might expect the repeated use of the reference to “I.”

Also, as was clearly pointed out in the original declarative, there is no internal concern or thought regarding the firearms that belong to me. Any feelings involving my manhood or lack thereof would probably be better addressed by my wife of 46 years.

Paul Davis,
Hickory Creek