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Letters to the editor, April 3

Pay it forward

I loved the story about the good Samaritan who paid off Sybil Shephard’s loan [DRC, March 19]. She didn’t know him, and he did not do it for the glory. It was out of the goodness of his heart.

What if we all did this? Maybe not $282, but a little here and there for someone in need.

How about a smile, a pat on the back, a prayer, loose change, carrying groceries, letting them have the closer parking space, baby-sitting for free to let a new mommy have a break, visiting a nursing home, picking up trash, reading to a child, buying lunch for the guy in the drive-through behind you, sharing good books or the Good Book, running errands for a friend, etc. The list is endless and easy. Just do it.

Thanks to the gray-haired man in a blue Lincoln for being our example to pay it forward.

Kathy Knight,
Oak Point