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Letters to the editor, April 5

Low expectations

The DRC series on consumer lending may give an impression of rampant exploitation, but the business is already regulated a lot, and those loans have a substantial default rate.

If one has no income and no assets, probably there is no loan.

Bleeding hearts are free to make such loans themselves, but they instead desire additional legislation.

Please show where legislation has really helped. Do a computer search for “payday loans.”

Financial and other forms of scarcity have always existed, along with drunkenness and family strife, and it’s risky to lend to anyone who really needs money.

Low-income persons spend a lot of money on wireless services.

And beer.

We could abolish the Internet, return to print media and fare better.

Perhaps our government should declare poor persons too important to fail, and bail them out like the huge banks.

I am not expecting true progress on any of this.

Ross Melton Jr.,