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Letters to the editor, April 8

You decide

Leftism and hysteria go together hand in hand. On the one hand, hysteria is a leftist tool. Former Obama Chief of Staff Rahm Emanuel admitted, “You never want a serious crisis to go to waste … it’s an opportunity to do things that you think you could not do before.”

So, all crises, manufactured ones too, may be used to achieve leftist ends. They can whip up public hysteria and stampede Americans to mindlessly demand immediate action, including “fundamentally transforming” America (President Obama), even if such action is irrational or destructive long term.

But leftists may also make destructive choices because of their own mindless hysteria, and it’s often hard to tell whether the hysteria is a tool or whether it results from sincere belief.

For example, consider the irrational leftist claim that reductions even in the rate of increase in government spending will be catastrophic and that Republicans want such reductions only because they work for the evil rich and hate most other Americans. Are these claims cynical political maneuvers to achieve leftist ends, or do leftists believe their own divisive propaganda?

Locally, consider online letter comments [DRC, March 2]. Does Larry Beck really believe I’m a Nazi “Brown Shirt?” Does Sharon Nelson Barnhill really believe I spew “anger, racism, sexism,” or that it’s I, not really she and many other leftists, with “anger and disdain for anything different than them?”

Cynical political name-calling? Unconscious projection of their own thinking? Sincere hysteria because others think differently?

What do you think?

Lee Nahrgang,