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Letters to the editor, April 15

Tea party propaganda

Shades of P.T. Barnum. The content of the Jack Cox letter [DRC, April 2] is reminiscent of the 19th century’s greatest huckster who coined the phrase, “There’s a sucker born every minute” — which anyone would be who thinks there is truth to the Cox missive.

At first reading, I thought, “Ah, an April fool’s day letter that arrived too late for publication on the first.” When Cox stated “there are some very wise and intelligent men who are writing in the DRC” and called Eric Mach, Lee Nahrgang, John Schuh and Larry Jambor good and patriotic men with honest thoughts about the continuing destruction of this country by Obama, I was absolutely convinced it was a late April fool’s day joke.

President Obama with his much-maligned stimulus program took us out of a down side that would have resulted in another big depression, and turned around the American auto industry. He passed the Wall Street reform act, ended the war in Iraq and began the drawdown of war in Afghanistan. He boosted fuel efficiency standards, increased support for vets, passed a credit card reform law, eliminated the catch-22 in pay-equality laws, eliminated Osama Bin Laden and there is more.

Your opinion glorifies four men who you say have “honest thoughts about the continuing destruction of our nation by Obama.”... My opinion is those “honest thoughts” are propaganda from the lunatic fringe of tea party crackpots.

So, what can we expect from you on Halloween, Cox?

John Nance Garner,