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Letters to the editor, April 13

Decide for self

Republican President Reagan signed a landmark illegal immigration bill in 1986; it was sold as a solution. Republicans backed this bill and granted amnesty to an estimated 3 million illegal immigrants; what happened?

Republicans continually preach we must secure the borders — what borders were secured under President Reagan’s 1986 bill?

Southern governors complain that we need boots on the ground to protect borders, yet states talk about seceding, complaining that the federal government should stay out of their business; then, governors should not ask for help and protect their own borders.

The NRA wants a gun training program for school staffers, including background checks, to see that these staffers are not mentally sick, but is against having background checks for others purchasing guns.

Many governors cut teachers’ pay to balance their budget, but now want teachers to take on a second job guarding your children, with no extra pay.

The NRA wants former police, teachers and staffers to volunteer as guards at schools; let NRA members volunteer their time guarding schools that your children attend.

Why not use the million dollars spent on this research report to employ returning military to guard schools?

Do not listen to people who want to scare you and tell you whom to blame.

Phil DeGiulio,