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Letters to the editor, April 27

Marching on

Well. Congratulations to the arms industry and its puppet, the National Rifle Association.

With the help of our wonderful Texas senators, there have been two great victories in recent weeks: the U.S. Senate managed to stop (one hopes temporarily) passage of a bill to increase the scope of background checks for gun purchases in the U.S., and earlier this month the U.S. failed to support the international treaty in the United Nations designed to restrict arms sales to outlaw regimes and groups involved in human rights abuses (thus joining Syria, Iran and North Korea — though those countries actually voted against it instead of just wimpingly abstaining).

Passage in the U.N. will not, of course, stop the U.S. arms industry from marching on and supplying the killing machines to terrorists and to organized crime.

Elinor Johansen,