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Letters to the editor, April 28

Leftist danger

There are jerks in every group and decent, if misled people in almost every group. We must therefore judge people individually, by their words and actions, not their group memberships.

The greatest danger to liberty is totalitarians of any stripe. They substitute emotion and hysteria for logical debate, and work to impose their radical beliefs by immoral means, such as character assassination, condemning or favoring entire groups, ignoring rule of law, usurping power, etc. It’s what Nazis and communists had in common.

Moderate independents are in the political center. To their left and right are Democrats and Republicans. To their left and right are the more passionate liberals and conservatives. All five of these groups include decent, if misled people and jerks, but probably few true totalitarians.

Many of those to the left of liberals are in the growing number of “leftists,” totalitarians who do work to impose their beliefs by immoral means, and there are also totalitarians to the right of conservatives.

All totalitarians are contemptible and dangerous, but in today’s America, where most of the culture, the news media, entertainment (including TV and Hollywood), the educational system, especially higher education, lean left, some far left, there’s little danger that radicals on the right will gain traction.

The danger now is that leftist totalitarians, protected and enabled by these and other molders of public opinion, will indeed gain traction, take full control and tyrannize us, imposing their radical, intolerant beliefs by law.

Lee Nahrgang,