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Letters to the editor, April 30

Big Six explanation

Bubba called. Said guess he needed to explain why Old DeWitt’s older-then-dirt sister is called Big Six: That old gal is 6 feet tall, 200 pounds of muscle and meanness, can out cuss a sailor and there’s no “back up” in her.

Pity that poor horse that had the stupidity to “unload” her from her saddle last month. He will be pulling the feed wagon from now on, if he’s lucky.

Bubba wanted to give low-information voters his opinion on these tidbits: Too many Washington, D.C., residents are on food stamps and the Mexican government is reportedly giving seminars on “how to qualify for food stamps” to those thinking of crossing the border illegally.

A small percentage of America’s electricity comes from green energy. This administration has given several billion to solar energy and is pledging billions more. Another big solar company is in trouble — SoloPower is struggling. Can you say Solyndra?

ObamaCare could result in a 2.3 percent tax on some medical devices (means your pacemaker might cost more, Granny; a 3.8 percent tax on the sale of some high-end property; and national debt per person is now $54,000 and yet, Obama says America does not have a debt problem. If the low-information voters watched Fox News, they would already know all this.

Bubba said he’s still laughing over the publication History As I Know It — I published a short version of my life for our daughter at her request.

Alice Gore,